As the economy is growing again, we notice that specialist talent is scarce. Especially in the areas of engineering, IT, finance, and HRM. That is why we want to strengthen our network at our existing locations and as newly established specialist offices.


As a Career Factory business partner, you develop your own market from your own recruitment agency, in your professional area and in your own region. You can focus completely on the content and commercial side of the business as all financial and administrative burdens will be taken care of. This is done by our service centre in The Hague, the back office of the renowned brand Staffing Associates. Quality is assured and you will get the scope to develop your business.


The match with yourselF


The match with yourself is what we promise our candidates and clients. It is also what we experience as entrepreneurs within the Career Factory team. Working together for yourself creates a special dynamic and a unique platform to develop yourself as a person and entrepreneur.


Entrepreneurship is what binds us as partners and something our clients recognise in themselves. Working collaboratively as entrepreneurs allows you to build on a reliable and sustainable collaborative relationship. Clients and candidates appreciate it when you get to know them before taking the next steps.



  • You develop your versatility and creativity while you grow as an entrepreneur, advisor, salesperson, HR manager, coach, and organiser.
  • You play a leading role in the development and growth of clients, professional talents, and your own enterprise.
  • You have the freedom and scope to build up your professional network with your own clients, your own approach, according to your own planning.
  • Your own efforts in the market can ensure a good income as an entrepreneur.
  • As a partner, you are part of a fast growing intermediary brand and, as such, of a community with like-minded, inspiring entrepreneurs who want to make Career Factory a success.
  • You will be excellently facilitated by the parent company Staffing Associates. Staffing Associates carries all responsibility with regard to good employment practices, legislation and regulations, (pre-)financing, tax issues, and liability risks, and it offers support in marketing and IT.

Read our brochure to learn more about the options and our work method.  







As a partner of Career Factory, you want to actively contribute to the development of candidates and clients. You are ambitious, set high quality standards, and you want to build sustainable relationships.


The fact that this line of business requires a large amount of goodwill and a commercial drive doesn’t make you nervous. You are a sociable and pleasant person and you know how to win people over.


Your work experience and intellectual mindset is at least at hbo-level, but most important are your vision on life and work and your insight into talent and how organisations work. You have gained experience in employment mediation and placement, commerce, or you are a professional specialist who speaks the language of the market.


Do you want to know more about why our partners chose Career Factory and what it has brought them? Below you will find the experience of our partner Eric Bonn.






In addition, we host a webinar every two weeks. During this 30-minute webinar, you will get all the information you need to obtain a sound idea of our formula and the help we offer to make you successful as an independent entrepreneur. Register now and choose a date that suits you best.







Are you inspired by what we can offer and you believe that you have what it takes? Let us know via the link below that you are interested and we will get back to you to arrange a non-committal conversation about the procedure. You can also contact our recruiter Danielle Klas directly at +31 (0)70 — 262 22 20 or


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